Our Rules

Following is a Code of conduct and regulations to be adhered to by members of The Exiles Clan.

1) Golden rule! The Exiles treat Everyone with the same dignity and respect they demand of others. This pertains to everyone- in and out of clan. This is rule number one!

2) The Exiles are 100% hack-free and as such will not tolerate ANY form of unfair advantage utilized by a Clan member. We play straight "vanilla" games as they are made to be played.  Piracy in the form of copyright infringement, illegal use or copying of software is not tolerated, and will not be allowed as a discussion topic in open forums or Ventrilo. Any member found to be running hacks, using bugs or glitches, or any other unethical form of advantage will be immediately stripped of membership priveleges and reported to other clans for their collective protection as well. No exceptions.

3) The Exiles do not engage in racial, religious, or otherwise derogatory behavior hurtful to the sensitivities of others. There are NO exceptions to this rule.

4) The Exiles are free to make suggestions to Council for changes they feel beneficial to the clan. Council has final say in any matter, and all Council Members are to be respected. Insubordination or argumentative/disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. Council reserves the right to determine whether an infraction of the code of conduct or regulations has occured.

5) Council is in place to direct and oversee as well as ensure the smooth operation of the clan. Any member of council can be approached at anytime mutually convenient, with questions, complaints or suggestions. The subject matter will be discussed amongst council and voted on as the best course of action for the clan. Personal grievances in clan will be expected to have been discussed and an attempt at resolution made between the individuals involved prior to Council action. Any serious issues with non-exiles will be immediately brought to the attention of council.

6) To be An exile is to be Mature, Talented, Good-natured and a cut above the rest. Members will do everything in their power to uphold our reputation by keeping their behavior above reproach. To bring discredit to our name is shameful and will not be tolerated.

7) Exiles clan members are expected to wear =EX= tags while gaming where appropriate. =EX= members are expected to be loyal. Multi-Clan membership is not acceptable.

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