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Don't Miss Out On Team Based Black Ops 3! in =EX= Someone Always Has Your Six! "If you don't play this you're a bitch".. Lead_Farmer
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The Greatest COD Ever Made?.. Prolly! We'll Be There! "If you don't play this you're a bitch".. Lead_Farmer
Teamwork at it's finest!
BF4 = Big Fun 4 Join Us

Welcome To =EX= The Exiles

logocopy1=EX= is a group of guys that enjoys a "more killing, less drama" form of gaming. Gaming, to us, is an investment of our time where we expect to get a high rate of return on "fun". We're a clan focused on teamwork, friendship, and quality gametime.

 That being said, while we're somewhat selective about who joins our clan, anyone is welcome to jump on our TeamSpeak server and/or in game with us and experience true teamwork in action. Whether it's to sling rounds at us or just shoot the breeze, drop in and say hello. We're usually on in the evenings between 5PM-11PM Eastern. TeamSpeak details are to the right, please PM one of us for the password.

If you think you have what it takes to run with =EX=, then fill out an application, introduce yourself on the forums, and wait for someone to get in touch with you. There are a few preliminary rules to consider before you fill out the application however. First, we're an 18+ clan, and we want maturity from our members regardless of their age. Players here range from early 20's to mid-50's.

Regardless of what brought you by today, take a second and shout out on the forums and we'll see you on the battlefield!

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